The Road Safety Trust is seeking to appoint a Chief Executive to oversee the development of the Trust and its trading subsidiary, UKROEd. The Trust is a registered charity (charity number: 1156300) and was set up to support, through the making of grants, research or practical interventions to reduce the level of death and injury on the roads in the United Kingdom. Its members are the 43 police forces of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is now the leading independent funder of road safety research in Great Britain. It ha s undertaken three rounds of funding awards, supporting 25 different projects amounting to over £2.5m since April 2016.

Its primary source of income comes from the work of its trading subsidiary, UKROEd, which manages the educational courses offered to dr ivers in place of penalty points. This company with a separate Chief Executive and board of directors oversees the National Drivers Offenders Scheme (NDORS) through a second set of full – time employees . At the end of the financial year, any surplus made by UKROEd is transferred to the Trust to undertake its charitable activities. In the year 2016/17, this surplus amounted to £3.8m. However, this sum is likely to fall in the coming years.

The accounts of both organisations are consolidated in the Trust’s acc ounts as the Trust is the overarching organisation.

The Trust currently comprises four staff, all of whom are part – time (three or four days per week) and work from home. Quarterly full board meetings of trustees are held in London. Meetings of the Audit a nd Risk Committee take place in Milton Keynes where the chair is based. Other committee meetings tend to be held in London or virtually.

Job Description: Chief Executive

Responsible to: The Board of Trustees via the Chair who is the line manager.

Responsible for: 

  • Finance Director
  • Grants Manager
  • Administrator
  • Chief Executive of UKROEd and, through this post, the staff employed by UKROEd (currently 9)

Purpose of the Post

The Chief Executive is the public face of the Road Safety Trust and its trading subsidiary, UKROEd. The post holder is central to the network of relationships both inside and outside the organisation and responsible for the overall effectiveness of the Trust and its subsidiary. The Chief Executive must:

  • Demonstrate drive and leadership of the charity and its subsidiary
  • Work closely with the Chair, sub – committee chairs and other members of the Board as appropriate to lead the organisation’s executive functions
  • Work closely with the Chief Executive of UKROEd, supporting the role in the development and operation of the NDORS scheme, providing strategic leadership and leading he organisation’s executive functions.
  • Act ad the interface between the Board and the organisation the Trust funds and the activity undertaken by UKROEd
  • Maximise the impact and the profile of the Trust’s work in the road safety community and the media
  • Ensure that both the Trust and UKROEd comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure the maintenance of good relationships with all stakeholders

Duties and Responsibilities

Organisation aspects

  • Advise and support the Trust Board and Trustees
  • Take lead responsibility for the execution, monitoring and reporting of Trust and company strategies and initiatives
  • Provide strategic support to the Board, including: working with the Chair to set the agenda for Board meetings; preparing, and overseeing the preparation of, papers for Board meetings; attending and participating in Board and sub – committee meetings; and ensuring that a ccurate Minutes of meetings are prepared and maintained
  • Provide support and advice to the Chair, chairs of sub – committees and all Trustees – both generally and in respect of specific assigned responsibilities – to assist them in the performance of their duties.
  • Ensure that meetings of the Trustees and any other meetings and events involving the Trust and its subsidiary run smoothly by overseeing arrangements as necessary
  • Oversee, with the support of the Finance Director, the internal governance arrangements of the Trust
  • Ensure timely and regular production and presentation of concise and pertinent reports to Trustees, including ad-hoc reporting as appropriate, and annual reviews of grants and projects
  • Oversee the production of all publications of the Trust, including the annual accounts and review, produced by the Trust or in association with the Trust, including the Trust’s website and other on – line media
  • Serve as a director of UKROEd.

Working with the grants and applicants

  • In conjunction with the Grants Manager, advise prospective grant applicants on the suitability of their proposals and assess grant applications
  • Oversee preparation of analysis of applications
  • Oversee the briefing of Trustees on applications and their suitability for funding
  • In conjuncti on with the Grants Manager, maintain contact with grant recipients, offering support and advice where necessary
  • In conjunction with the Grants Manager, ensure appropriate publicity for completed projects

Developing external relationships and the profile o f the Trust

  • Take a lead in raising and maintaining the profile of the Trust, including building networks of contacts within the road safety, police, voluntary and grant – making sectors
  • Develop and deliver an effective media strategy to promote the work of the Trust and, as appropriate, its trading subsidiary
  • Represent the Trust in the media and in public meetings and, as guided by the Chair, act as its spokesperson as appropriate

Staff relationships and management

  • Take overall responsibility for all Trust and UKROEd staff, including oversight of performance management and professional development
  • Ensure that any consultants appointed by the Trust are effectively managed and monitored and that any advice given achieves value for money

Person Specification

The Chief Executive will have overall responsibility for both organisations, working with a Finance Director for both companies and the Chief Executive of UKROEd . The post holder will be expected to meet the following criteria:

  • A commitment to road safety and to reduction of risk on the roads
  • An ability to show drive and leadership to ensure the growth of a new significant grant – making trust and its trading subsidiary
  • An understanding and empathy with the Trust’s values of independence and commitment to developing innovative policy solutions
  • A commitment to collaboration with, among others, Trustees, staff, applicants and grant recipients
  • Ability to plan strategically and to draw up ambitious yet realistic programmes and ensure delivery
  • Communication skills, including media experience, in a controversial and fast-moving context
  • Ability to research, analyse and present large amounts of information and produce concise recommendations
  • Financial literacy to oversee (but not to manage) the Trust’s financial strategy
  • Experience of leading transformational programmes within an organisation
  • An understanding of what counts as good governance in the charity and company sector
  • Experience of reporting to and supporting a board of trustees or directors to enable the m to operate effectively
  • A track record in strategic leadership

The post holder will be expected to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Network effectively
  • Liaise with and influence a rage of leaders int he governmental, voluntary, public or private sectors
  • Build strategic alliances and networks
  • Lead ad inspire staff in a small team

In addition, the post holder would be expected to be educated to degree (or equivalent) level and to demonstrate professional qualifications suited to the demands of the post.

Timetable and Process of Appointment

The current Chief Executive intends to retire from the post at the end of May 2018. The Trustees wish to appointment his replacement in advance of his departure in order to allow some time for a smooth handover. The anticipated timetable is as follows:

  • January 12 2018: Closing date for receipt of applications
  • Week commencing February 1 9 : Interviews and confirmation by full Board
  • June 1 2018: New Chief Executive commences in post

Interviews will be conducted by a panel of Trustees and are likely to be held in London.

For an informal discussion of the post, please contact

Salary and Time Requirements

The post is being offered on the basis of a commitment of an average of three days per week with flexibility on time allocation. The salary for the post is £ 6 0,000 (pro rata £100,000 per year). The post is pensionable and offers 18 days leave (pro rata 30 days per year) in addition to statutory holidays.

The amount of time devoted to the post by the postholder will be reviewed after six months and on a regular basis thereafter.