The Road Safety Trust has been created to contribute to improvements in safety on the roads of the United Kingdom through support for research into road safety and for the development of practical measures and trial or demonstration projects, whether through education, engineering or enforcement, aimed to reduce death and injury to all road users.

This grant programme has the following objectives in order to meet the overall charitable objectives of the Trust:

  • Raising Road Safety awareness and sharing knowledge and learning
  • Supporting the development of evidence based approaches to Road Safety
  • Improving Road Safety policy and practice
  • Encouraging partnership working, as a way to achieve these objectives

All applications for funding should be able to demonstrate how the proposed project meets one or more of these objectives.


UK based organisations (both public and professional associations), registered charities and university departments may apply for grants. Individuals are not eligible for Trust grants unless part of a wider research or project team. Private commercial enterprise, Community Interest Companies and not for profit businesses will be considered for funding providing that it can be demonstrated that the schemes or initiatives proposed are for charitable activity and for the public benefit and are consistent with the principles of the Trust.

Assessment Criteria

Grants will be awarded depending on which of the criteria are met, as well as the extent to which they are met. It is not anticipated that all applicants will meet all the criteria but grant awards will be made on the overall strength of the proposal in relation to these criteria. Applicants should, therefore, consider carefully and demonstrate clearly which they meet.

Projects will a be expected to give an indication of the benefits to road safety that may be expected from the research or from any practical intervention that may be supported and how these benefits have been calculated. In addition, a clear indication should be given of the outputs of the project or proposal.

It should also be noted that the trustees will consider on an annual basis the total amount of money to be allocated for funding, based on an assessment of potential demand and income received by the Trust. Successful applications may not be funded in their entirety. This will depend on the size of the request made and the funds
The Trust intends to uphold the highest of ethical and safety standards in both the conduct of the
research and activity it funds and prudence in the expenditure of the funds that it holds. It will be especially keen
to support measures that combine approaches to casualty reduction.
available. Grants are available for up to three years and the RST would normally expect to fund projects requesting from it amounts of up to £200,000.

The criteria for a successful award are as follows:

  • The initiative should support the Road Safety Trust’s objectives by developing approaches, knowledge or learning around Road Safety
  • There is a clear statement of the project objectives and a good understanding of the Road Safety issues to be addressed
  • The proposal should aim to create a demonstrable benefit to the public regarding road safety
  • There is a project plan with clear milestones and, where appropriate, a clearly explained methodology
  • The research or project team should be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the literature and skills to complete the project.
  • Some of the cost of the proposal is provided through other sources and the project costs should represent value for money
  • There should be a clear breakdown of costs
  • The proposal should include a clear programme and timetable for evaluation of the achievement of the project objectives and impact
  • The proposal involves any or all of the following: an element of innovation, partnership working and sustainability beyond the life of the project.
  • The proposal includes a plan for dissemination and publication of any results.
  • The major outputs should be in the form of published results and not the commercial development of any product.
  • The proposal includes a clear explanation of why an application is being made to the Trust rather than elsewhere


Grants will not be issued where:

  • The application is deemed to have a clear profit motive.
  • The application is deemed to be focused on exploitable IP and the public benefit is not clear
  • The application is for funding towards services or activities previously funded in whole or in part by the applicant organisation(s) or a statutory body.
  • The request is for core funding rather than project funding
  • 100% of the total project costs has been requested
  • Applications are of a party political nature or likely to be in breach of laws relating to equality and opportunity.

Grants will be made in response to proposals submitted by applicants as there will be no formal application form. If the application is on behalf of a research or project team, full details of the members of the team should be included. In terms of general guidance, a normal application should amount to no more than 5 sides of A4 (11- point type) with appendices as necessary.

Application Process

Further information about how to apply is contained in our ‘Guidance to Grant Applicants’ and the two documents should be read together. Applications for funding should use the headings in the ‘Guidance to Grant Applicants’ when addressing the criteria
Applicants may also be requested to supply copies of audited accounts or up to date management accounts for the most recent year of their operation. Applicants may also be asked to supply examples of previous research or projects in which the team or its members have been involved. The RST reserves the right to check the bona fides of any entity applying for funding.

In addition, the Road Safety Trust may occasionally invite proposals for research into specific topics that have been identified and regarded as key development areas.

Successful applicants will be expected to acknowledge any contribution from the Trust in the final outputs of the project and report on the success or otherwise of the project and in any subsequent publications or presentations resulting from the project. The Trust will expect to receive regular progress reports on any project in line with milestones in the project plan and a copy of the final publication or an evaluation of a practical intervention. The Trust will also expect to receive advance notice of the publication of any report or evaluation.

Funding of Grant

Financial support for the Trust is provided in the first instance by funds covenanted from the United Kingdom Road Offender Education Ltd (UKROED). However, the Trust also has the power to raise such other funds as it considers necessary for its operations.