Survey Response by theme

Between September and November 2018, we carried out an online consultation to find out what our stakeholders thought about the importance levels of a number of themes that had been identified as potential gaps by our Road Safety Initiatives Committee. The idea behind carrying out this consultation was to get other’s input to where the Road Safety Trust should prioritise its funding through its grant-giving activities. The Road Safety Trust is in the process of setting its new strategic direction for the next 5-10 years and the outcome of this online consultation has served to inform and influence that strategy, so we would like to thank everyone who took part in it.

164 people participated in the online consultation altogether, most of whom were representing their organisation. This number included 31 Local Authorities, 25 Police Forces, 9 Fire & Rescue Services, 9 of our grantees, 5 PCCs and 5 Safer Road Partnerships around the UK, in addition to many individuals or organisations working in the field of road safety without falling into one of the above categories. Participants were asked to rate by importance 12 themes considered to be gaps in research, work or knowledge. The results of the consultation are below.